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Disability Discrimination Act Advice

The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (revised 2005) places a duty on all employers, service providers and educational establishments not to discriminate against a person because of their disability. Where a physical feature (such as a flight of stairs) presents a barrier to a disabled person the options are to remove the feature, to alter it, to provide a reasonable means of avoiding it or to find a reasonable method of providing that service by other means. The DDA is based not on compliance, but on reasonable provision in respect of the physical environment. Trained to recognise pan disability issues we can help our clients (as the service providers and employers) to meet their duties under the Disability Discrimination Act and ensure their buildings, approaches and services are accessible to all. We can work closely with your building manager, Health and Safety and Fire Officers to ensure safe accessible environments and safe emergency egress for disabled people.

Access Audits

An audit of the existing premises will help to get an overview of accessibility. The comprehensive report shows where there are barriers (both physical and procedural) and makes recommendations for improvements. It can then be used to form an action plan to look at future capital spending programmes, staff training, company policies and procedures. The audit will demonstrate a client’s commitment to accessibility and may even help mitigate them if legally challenged under the Act. The cost of an audit will depend on the size, layout and use of the building and the type of client services being delivered.

Design Appraisals

An increasing number of Design Teams and Project Managers are recognising the added value of an Access Consultant on their projects. Their involvement ensures the project considers people with all forms of disability from the start and helps to prevent post project adaptations which can be costly and unsightly. We have a good working knowledge of Building Regulations Approved Document M, British Standard 8300 : 2001, latest guidance and best practice to ensure your project delivers an environment that is inclusive to all.

Access Statements

Since August 2006 all Planning and Building Regulation Applications are required to be accompanied by a Design and Access Statement. Working closely with the client and design team we can discuss your scheme and ensure the statement we produce demonstrates your commitment to accessibility.

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